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Perla Rosa for Women is one of our new brand products giving our customers another option to increase female libido.

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Perla Rosa is being acknowledged as the next best female formula for an increased libido.

Apart from giving an instant libido boost, Perla Rosa for women can even increase sexual reaction and orgasm intensity over the period time.

Perla Rosa Benefits:

  • improves a woman’s libido and helps in achieving multiple orgasms;
  • helps to intensify the sensations and accelerate the excitement;
  • increases blood flow to the genitals of the woman and helps vaginal lubrication;
  • Impact on the reduction of vaginal dryness;
  • helps to stimulate the intensity of fantasies and anticipation of sex;
  • helps reduce mood swings and irritation.

This pink pearl herbal supplement doesn’t need to be taken in any special way. You can consume it whenever required just an hour before and it will be absorbed quickly by the body for desired effects. Herbal ingredients are easy on the body and do not really push hard to boost blood flow and support libido functions physically and mentally.

This natural Viagra supplement can be used by any woman who are suffering from libido issues. If you are an adult and not facing any medical issues, this supplement is for you.

Directions: Take one capsule 45 minutes before intimacy. Do not take more than 2 capsules in 24 hours. Do not exceed the recommended dose.


Ginkgo Biloba – 106mg
Flos Caryophylli – 100mg
Allii Teberosi Seed – 100mg
Rhizoma Curculignis – 50mg
Radix Rehmanniae – 50mg
Fructus Tribuli Stem (<2.5% Saponides) – 44mg
* Results may vary from one person to another. Do not use while taking medications.

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